Cape of Storms


Snug as a Bug in a Rug - Little Monkey

Snug as a Bug in a Rug – Little Monkey

The Cape of Storms is living up to its name this winter, with one cold front after another sweeping by. Some days you can really feel that this is the first outcrop of land the storm front hits as it travels from the South Pole!

Little Monkey finds the cooler temperatures of winter hard to bear. Even though it seldom gets below 8C, the wind and damp make it feel a lot colder. Watching those thick white clouds pouring over the mountains is enough to chill the warmest heart. LM certainly feels it. On the coldest nights, I throw a blanket over her. She is completely covered by it, and totally happy.

The photo shows her tucked under a towel. This is part of her bedding and just happened to be handy. It is easier to wash a towel frequently rather than the whole bedding. However, she “makes” her bed, so the towel usually ends up crumpled in a heap somewhere. When I passed by her the other day, I saw she had tucked herself up into the tiniest ball she could make, with her legs plaited and her nose under her tail. I took pity on her and threw the towel over her.

It really isn’t that cold! And winter-proper is not here til July. Still, LM has been bred by natural selection (the streets!) to withstand the heat more than the cold. She can be found on the hottest days, with temperatures soaring to 38C, stretched out on the grass, sunbathing!

Little Monkey Sunbathing