Killer Macadamias

Little Monkey was eighteen months old when I adopted her; young, strong and full of life. She was slowly learning the ropes from the older two dogs, and starting to settle in. She had only been with us a few weeks when she gave us all a fright one night.

Soon after the dogs had all been out in the garden before going to bed, I noticed something seriously wrong with Little Monkey. Her back legs suddenly collapsed, and her breathing was rapid and shallow. I checked her gums and found them very pale. She was obviously in a serious way. It looked like she was in shock. I couldn’t understand it, as she had been perfectly fine half an hour before!

It was now about 21.30 and all the vets were long shut. I took her to the all-night animal hospital.  We sat in the waiting room a good twenty minutes before she got to see the vet. (I think possible emergencies should be assessed at once!) As we sat there, her breathing gradually became easier, and she regained the use of her legs. In effect, she had cured herself while we waited for the vet.

A check up found nothing wrong – now! So I took her home again, with a considerably lighter purse! She was back to her usual bouncy self, full of life and perfectly healthy.

It took me some time to think of a possible cause. Then I remembered that earlier that day I had put out in the garden some old macadamia nuts for the squirrels to eat. None of my other dogs had ever been able to reach them, but obviously the Idiot had; reached and eaten! The suddenness of the attack was scary. An older, weaker dog may well have died from it.

Luckily, Little Monkey recovered fully, with no ill effects, to continue to eat anything and everything that she could lay her paws on.