All Hail Mr Spaghetti Legs and Little Monkey!

Hail - Johannesburg

Hail – Johannesburg

Not exactly pennies from Heaven!

It’s 3 am as I write this, and heavy rain is blasting against the windows in waves, while the wind roars through all the top-heavy evergreen trees, sounding like a storm at sea. Another winter’s night in the Cape of Storms.

Last week, I took advantage of a break in the constant rain storms, and popped out with the dogs to go round the block quickly. Little Monkey is quite happy to go out, even though she’s not that keen on rain in her face, she just loves to check out the neighbourhood; see who’s been there since her last visit. Mr Spaghetti Legs was not so keen; preferring to be warm and snug –  and asleep.

On this short walk, it hailed twice. He was not a happy puppy. But it was baby hail; tiny little chips of frozen rain that fell like little pinpricks on your skin. Nothing like the time I was caught out in the open with three dogs and no shelter.

I was walking through the little forested area where I see the Black Headed Heron, with Madam, TJ and Little Monkey, when hailstones the size of peas suddenly spat from the sky with such force that they really hurt. The pine trees are over forty feet tall, and have no branches low down, providing virtually no shelter. The best I could do was to crowd the three dogs right up against one of the trunks and lean over them as much as possible to protect them.

This was trust at its highest. Their bodies were crammed together, with no chance of personal space. I put TJ, the male, in the middle, to lessen the stress on the two females and tried to shield them from the worst of the hail. After a few minutes it eased up and we could carry on home.

Thank goodness this is not Johannesburg. There you can get hailstones the size of golf balls!

If you doubt this – google it!


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