Lassie to the Rescue

Lady the Wonder Dog

Lady the Wonder Dog

Bravery is not the absence of fear; rather it is being afraid, but doing what has to be done anyway.

My first Above and Beyond Bravery Award goes to Lady.

Lady was about 7 years old when she came to us. A rough collie cross (like Lassie) who had been picked up off the streets and cared for in a rescue organisation before we adopted her.

She was our first dog. We needed a calm one that was good with children, since mine, at that time, were a little nervous of dogs. Lady was magnificent and taught us all so much. She was an alpha female, which meant she had very few problems, apart from being a tad bossy, and tending to cross in front of you on a walk, and stopping dead. Since your momentum carried you forward and your knees do not bend that way, you ended up flapping your arms in the air as you tried to regain your balance!

Lady did not like the pool; she was scared of the water and always kept well away from the edge. One afternoon, my kids were playing in the pool, shrieking in fun, as girls do. Lady ran up and down the edge anxiously, never going too close. Next thing, she has got my youngest daughter’s head in her mouth! What was going on?

She had thought, by the shrieks, that my daughter was drowning. Despite her fear of the water, Lady had ventured to the very edge, and attempted to gently lift her “puppy” out of danger. The only way she could do this was to try to take hold of the only available body part – the head.

This most amazing family member had overcome her own fear to save her baby. A true act of bravery.

Happy mittwoch DD – this one’s for you.


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  1. Ady

    A very beautiful quote Sci 🙂 It’s a great tale of lady ! They don’t say in vain about Dogs being more loyal than human 🙂

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