Portrait of a dog #4

Still Life - Madam

Still Life – Madam

Still Life

Madam; Miss Independent; the most stunningly beautiful of all our dogs; the one everyone automatically went to stroke; and the one most likely to bite you! (Granted – the one time she did bite me, I had accidentally shut her tail in the door – so fair enough!)

She was about 7 years old when we adopted her from a rescue organisation. She had fur that constantly grew along her ears, legs, tail and undercarriage, with “bantam chick” fluffy feet. The fastest of our dogs; she could even catch the much younger Little Monkey. She was independent from the first, and quite happy, in later years, to spend the day on her own, snug on her bed in a little niche, round the back of the house; appearing for walks and meal times.

From her I learnt that even a pack animal like a dog may prefer to be alone.



5 thoughts on “Portrait of a dog #4

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      1. Garfield Hug

        Love your woofies….great names too! To me, they are your “children” like my inanimate fur balls except yours are live and romp about 😀
        I can see how much you love them ♥♥♥

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      2. scifihammy Post author

        Aw Thanks GH – I do love them all, even the ones who no longer run with our pack 🙂
        Their names are “blog persona” names, like scifihammy 🙂


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