To Hunt or Not to Hunt – That is the Question

The Idiot - cornering

Little Monkey – cornering

Fast animals, like cheetahs, use their tail to balance when cornering.

The Idiot - faster than a digital camera

Little Monkey – faster than a digital camera

Apparently, Little Monkey also uses her tongue – look closely.

All prey animals know when the hunter is not hunting. Either the predator has recently eaten, or there is an uneasy truce at the water hole.

Likewise, the wild birds on the soccer field knew that the Idiot was not really hunting them, when she mock-charged them. Little Monkey did not run at full speed, rather a happy canter. The birds, to a feather, rose reluctantly from the ground, and resettled, as one, about ten metres away.

Little Monkey – her work here done, trotted back to me and Mr Spaghetti Legs, with a big grin on her face.

Hunting was such fun!