Lens Flare

Mr SL Fluoresces

Mr SL Fluoresces

Never had a white dog before. Probably won’t again.

Old Mr Spaghetti Legs* loves to stand or lie in the bright low-angled winter sunshine, reflecting glare straight through my eyes into the back of my brain.

It is like watching the latest Star Trek movies! lens flare

*He loves me so much that he is always in my line of sight.




2 thoughts on “Lens Flare

    1. scifihammy Post author

      Ha ha. At least I can see Mr SL in the garden at night. Interesting what you say about peripheral vision, cos as I am waiting for the dogs to ‘go’ I gaze up at the stars. I find that I can see a star better if I look ‘next’ to it and not directly at it. Weird. (But nice to know I am not the only one.)



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