I See Trees of Green . . .

I See Trees of Green

I See Trees of Green

This evergreen plant brings a lovely bright, lime-green colour to the winter garden. It is one of my favourites; partly because I simply bought it at the nursery and stuck it in the ground – and it did the rest. It has thrived, and now stands taller than the wall, spreading out like a Christmas tree. Photographed here with a backdrop of a massive Eugenia.

I’ve no idea what kind of plant this is – the label from the nursery has long since disappeared. Any ideas?




2 thoughts on “I See Trees of Green . . .

  1. ladysighs

    I don’t know what it is but looks a bit like the cedars in our backyard and throughout the surrounding country side. We soon will reach the peak of the pollen season and the tears will begin to flow. One can actually see the puffs of pollen emerging. I didn’t have allergies before moving here but found it goes with the territory. 😦

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