The Double Apple Gene

Double Apple Gene

Double Apple Gene

I suffer from the double apple gene! Never heard of it? Well, you probably know that people with a pear-shaped figure are supposed to be healthier and live longer than those with an apple-shaped figure? Both my parents were apple-shaped – so I must have inherited the Double Apple Gene!

It simply means that while a normal person eats chocolate, and gains a little weight, us poor “doubles” only have to think about chocolate to pile on the kilos.

It’s OK though. As long as I eat more healthy food than I care for, eat less yummy food than I’d like, and exercise way more than I want to – then I can maintain my weight.

As for apples – I don’t really care for them! So, how do I keep the doctor away?

Vodka – of course!


5 thoughts on “The Double Apple Gene

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  2. kimscaravelli

    When I drink wine I am known to begin dancing which is exercise… So. Obvious conclusion is that I must drink wine daily for maximum health benefit


      1. kimscaravelli

        You know that game where u try to connect someone to Kevin Bacon in 6 steps or less? Well In my version all things connect to wine! Far more fun since Wine is far more readily accessible to me than Mr Bacon


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