From a Jack to a King



Sometimes the inner beauty of an animal shines through his eyes and lights up his whole battered body with love.     Battle-scarred Jack – my first rescued male and superstar. He never started a fight – but he sure finished it!

Rescued from the streets with a broken leg after being hit by a car,  Jack was cared for in a rescue organisation for two years, until I adopted him. He had been fighting with males in the kennels next to him, so had been relegated to solitary confinement in a back kennel, with solid high walls and door. He could not see out at all. (It is not like that there now.) His only escape was to refuse food and to starve himself to death. He weighed 18kg when we got him, but his proper healthy weight, as seen here, was 25kg.

It took Jack six months to truly settle in to the home he had never had, helped by his old kennel mate Lady. As an alpha male, he was the easiest to handle of all my males and gave unconditional love for the whole six and a half years he was with us.



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