Who moved my Wine?

Who moved my wine?

Who moved my wine?

I lost my wine tonight!ย  I had put it down; out of the way of idiot dogs, and my clumsiness in knocking things over. When I turned around, it had vanished into thin air! TRAGEDY!

Re-tracing my steps through the house I still couldn’t find it. Then I start to question. Surely I had a glass of wine? I remember drinking it! Or was that last night?

I look in all the likely places; in the kitchen, dining room, lounge – way up high on top of the wall units. Nothing!

Finally, I reach the entrance hall. Nope – not on the hall stand. Where then? I turn around, and there it is! Yay! My old friend is sitting on top of the bookcase. Phew!

There is nothing left in it except the melted remains of ice cubes.*

Time for a fresh glass! Cheers!

*Ice in wine: – Not uncivilised, but a necessity in a very hot climate. Once you are used to it, you like it that way; even in winter.

Post script: Why is the wine so golden? This is a Chardonnay/Pinot Noir blend. South African wines are excellent!


6 thoughts on “Who moved my Wine?

  1. kimscaravelli

    Now that it is fruit fly season in Nova Scotia my wine glass can be found literally anywhere… last night I put it in the medicine cabinet while I cleaned up for dinner… anywhere to hide it from the little bastards!!


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