How to – with Little Monkey. No.3 Survive a Hail Storm.

Dianthus in Hail

Dianthus in Hail

Well – That was fun! On Friday morning there was a heavy downpour, but then the skies cleared up, so I took Little Monkey and Mr Spaghetti Legs for a quick walk round the block.

About a third of the way into the walk, there was a sudden, loud thunder clap. No idea where that came from, as the sky ahead was puffy white cotton-wool clouds and blue patches. I turned round and was surprised to see the sky was solid black from the skyline to the heavens; totally obliterating the mountains!

Still, no need to panic. I congratulated myself that my dogs are thunder-proof. No thunder vests needed for them! Not even LM; since, anxious as she is, she is pretty soundproofed. (I think her early life with students!)

So we just carried on our walk. We’d be home again in ten minutes anyway. But, only a little farther on, it started to rain large, cold drops. I don’t know why the rain was so cold, since the air temperature wasn’t that bad. LM doesn’t really mind the rain too much, but Mr SL definitely does. Round the corner and onto the home stretch and suddenly it started to hail! It so seldom hails, and then usually when it is icy cold. Took us all by surprise.

Now if I’d just had LM with me, we could have made a run for home. As it was, I tried a little trot, but poor old Mr SL wasn’t happy. Typically, we were nowhere near any sort of shelter. No trees nearby. So I stopped, turned round and pulled the dogs towards me. Mr SL got it instantly and tucked his little head between my knees, where he was completely sheltered. I put my arm over his back to catch the few hail stones that were bouncing there. LM wasn’t so happy and wouldn’t come right in, so only her face and shoulders were protected.

By now it was really coming down hard and stinging. I just had to laugh to myself! Who’s the Idiot now? Great timing! Normally a hail storm here in the Cape lasts only a minute or two, but this one just kept on coming.

Eventually, after maybe 4 minutes, the hail eased a little and I tried to get to shelter. We made it to a massive tree trunk. The branches were far too high above us to be of any shelter, but the trunk itself was so wide that it did keep the hail off us. We waited out the rest of the storm there. When the hail had more or less stopped, and it was just icy rain, we continued on our walk. We were three very soggy animals by the time we got home.

Wet Dog - the Idiot

Wet Dog – Little Monkey

It took two towels to dry the dogs, and I had to change all my clothes, as they were wet through. My rain jacket had protected most of my upper body, but I had to peel my jeans off!

As I write this, Mr SL is snoozing on the mat at my feet, and LM is over there on another mat. And I rewarded myself with a cup of coffee and (forbidden food) a scone with strawberry jam. Yum!


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