Let Sleeping Dogs Lie!

Mr SL sleeps

Mr SL in the land of Nod!

Shhh – Mr Spaghetti Legs is sleeping!

The saying Let sleeping dogs lie was often used by the British Prime Minister, Sir Robert Walpole, from early 1700. However, he did not invent it, as it has been around in similar form since at least the early 14th century.


11 thoughts on “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie!

    1. scifihammy Post author

      Sure is! But I gotta say the old boy has earned it! He was in kennels at a rescue organisation for nearly 11 years before he came to live with us. Now he’s part of the family 🙂


      1. ouachitashutterbug

        That’s awesome! Always sad to hear of animals that are kennel bound but love to hear about people that take them in and give them the life they deserve. I’ve got two dump offs of mine own that I’ve taken in and even though I didn’t need two extra dogs I couldn’t stand to see them being neglected. Stay safe and take care!


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