You Made your Bed – Now Lie in it!

Mr SL makes  his bed

Mr SL makes his bed

I’ve had dogs now for 16 years. By trial and error I found that the best bed for them is a third of an old, large sponge mattress, covered in plastic (for the incontinent) and then old sheets and towels, for easy washing.

This worked well for years – until old Mr Spaghetti Legs joined us. Now, all dogs “make” their bed to some extent or another, but this old boy goes the extra mile. First, he totally shredded all the old sheet covers that had lasted for years, through 5 other dogs. I stitched and re-stitched them till there was nothing left. Then I got the bright idea of using old curtains – much stronger. This was fine for a time, but then he got to work on those one night and managed to rip them too.

I then found better old curtaining; light-weight and sturdy. This has lasted – so far- though I don’t know for how much longer. Every morning when I enter the kitchen, it is to find Mr SL’s mattresses scattered all over the floor. He pushes and pulls at them until he has lifted one off the other, then lies on whichever takes his fancy.

Last night I caught him going at it again. I was totally surprised to see, that apart from scraping away at the bedding with his claws, he also bit into the middle and lifted the whole cover up!

No wonder the beds don’t last long!!


9 thoughts on “You Made your Bed – Now Lie in it!

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  2. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Mr SL and my Breck could be the demo crew of the century! What is it with chewing up beds?? Of all the things to chew up, the comfy, serenity of a bed. .. I’m at a loss to explain a dog brain. Lost.


    1. scifihammy Post author

      I know! One morning I found Mr SL had “made” his bed so much, that he was lying on the cold tiles between the two mattresses! Ah – Comfort!! πŸ™‚


  3. ady

    SL’s hilarious antics are very amusing…Thanks for sharing these with us..It makes me smile each time I read them…:)


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