Spring and Autumn in a Cape Winter. Part Two


Freesia – after a winter rain storm, ready to bloom

A Western Cape Winter lasts about four months, and Summer eight, with a few perfect days of transition in between that pass for Autumn and Spring. Right through Winter there is much greenery, much blooming and dying off. It is Spring and Autumn all the time.

Rose Bud

Rose Bud – Orson Welles

This rose bud was the last of the winter roses. Amazingly, my floribunda rose bush produced copious amounts of blooms all Summer and right through Winter. This bloom had just died last week, when it was time for me to prune the rose bush. Already vigorous new growth is sprouting like mad; looks like another bumper rose crop again this year.

Apple Tree

Apple Tree

I only have one tree in my garden that is reminiscent of the Autumns I knew growing up in England; this apple tree. Very late into Winter, when it is nearly Spring, the apple tree turns its leaves golden. However, it hangs on to them for the longest time, letting a few fall here and there. Already it has new buds growing, ready to produce delicate apple blossom.

Of course, we are now heading into Spring proper, when everything grows at a frantic rate. But why do weeds always outpace flowers?


6 thoughts on “Spring and Autumn in a Cape Winter. Part Two

    1. scifihammy Post author

      Why thank you 🙂 My blog started out all about my dogs, but there are so many things blossoming in the garden right now – it has sort of turned into a plant blog!


      1. Garfield Hug

        Keep photographing your garden! It shows me how pretty things are in S Africa. Seriously, other than Sun City, I know little of S Africa till I read your blog. So, huge thanks for letting me see S Africa in your eyes, though correct me if I am wrong, I read in one of your posts, you were originally from Ireland(?)…I may be wrong! 🙂

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      2. scifihammy Post author

        SA is a very large and varied country – lots of things to do and see. I grew up in UK yes, Northern England, so still feel a bit topsy turvy here down under, as we head into summer, and it snows in UK! 🙂


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