Mr Spaghetti Legs is Naughty!

Mr SL - Sleeping like a baby

Mr SL – Sleeping like a baby

Well, he finally went and did it! Look at what Mr Spaghetti Legs did to his bed!

Mr SL's bed

Mr SL’s bed

Making my bed

Making my bed

He “makes” his bed by scratching at the covers and biting and lifting the material. In the morning I find the mattresses strewn round the kitchen. See You made your bed now lie in it 

Massive hole

Massive hole

He has now made that small hole into a massive hole. This morning I couldn’t find the towel that goes on top of the mattress. Eventually I found it – crumpled up inside the hole in the cover

And what does Mr Spaghetti Legs think about all this? As you can see from the first picture, he is blissfully unconcerned; sleeping on the bed airing out on the stoep – which just happens to belong to Little Monkey!



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      1. Midwestern Plant Girl

        It’s called Mom’s and Dad’s king size bed at my house… At least that hasn’t gotten dog – arranged by anyone yet! 😂

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