Dandelion Clock

Dandelion Clock

The Magnificent Golden Glory of the Darling Dandelion

I have always liked dandelions. Who doesn’t want to pick up that ball of clockwork fluff and blow it to kingdom come? The number of puffs it takes to blow all the seeds off the stem tells the time. It is now precisely 27 o’clock!  (That last seed just didn’t want to budge!) Hmm, time for tea!



18 thoughts on “Weeeeeeeed!

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  2. Ady

    We don’t get dandelions here but similar weeds are found but small in size 🙂 But blowing them is fun 🙂 Terrific shot like Samsung wallpaper 😀

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  4. kismet

    I loves them too…but ummm when I blow on them they all blow back onto me !!!…and now as for that tea…I think I shall invite meself along 🙂 🙂

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  5. Aditix

    It`s getting terribly late where you are. 😉 I like dandelions too, they are beautiful and a cherished medicinal herb.

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      hehe Yes – it is late 🙂 I used to grow a few dandelions for the rabbits. Now they just grow by themselves 🙂


  6. Sarah Ferguson

    I love them too! We always made a wish before blowing off the seeds. If you didn’t get them all off, your wish wouldn’t come true.

    I also like them when they are yellow – but that may just be because I like any harbinger of spring!

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