18 thoughts on “Hello World – it’s a Brand New Day!

      1. Midwestern Plant Girl

        I almost wrote that to be funny. . But then you’d know how far behind I was in my reader!


      2. scifihammy Post author

        Well, since I am 6 to 9 hours ahead of USA – I just assume my Saturday is your Friday 🙂 And I am battling a bit with my reader also at the mo – don’t really have the time to read all the long posts, but I also don’t like to just click the “like” button mindlessly!


      1. ady

        Ha ha,no snow in this part,only in northernmost area they enjoy the snow,we get dry chilly winter,not very cold but still temp drops to around 15-16 degree Celsius in day time 😉

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      2. ady

        We are habituated to hot climates ,this summer the maximum was around 49 here,felt like roast 😦 winter are especially harder when minimum temp drops to 4 degree or less…

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