Old Bog Eyes – The Before and After

After - SL

After – SL

This is the After photo of Mr Spaghetti Legs; looking pretty trim, relaxed and trusting.  He has been with us for nearly a year now.

Before - SL

Before – SL

This is the Before photo of Mr SL. He had been with us only a few hours. While he does look very happy, he is also over-excited, with little Bog-Eyes.

This is something we learned to recognise, whenever he was overwhelmed. Occasionally, when something new occurs, I will still find this little face by my knee.

Old Bog-Eyes!



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    1. scifihammy Post author

      haha Thanks! 🙂 I think it doesn’t show up as much in the photos, as it does in real life. You would definitely notice the Bog Eyes 😀


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