Root Canal



Nuff said!

Catch y’all laters.


23 thoughts on “Root Canal

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Ouch Ouch ouch! And one more Ouch.
    Vodka is my go to for mouth pain. . Along with all other pains!

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  2. ady

    Dentists scare the hell out of me. My mom underwent root canal couple of years back,so I used to be at her side.I can’t happily imagine a drill in high speed entering mouth . And the liquid diet afterward …

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      1. ady

        Think of it as time to try out different colorful drinks for few days 🙂 Lifestyle of a Hollywood celebrity 😀 It takes many sessions if I remember correctly.Don’t worry,everything will be fine in the end …

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      wow – hectic! I’ve had a run in at the dentist these past months so I’m hoping this is the end of it! He was mentioning the renovations to his house, and I’m thinking – Hmmm I paid for that! 🙂

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