You Little Monkey!!

You Little Monkey

You Little Monkey

Mr Spaghetti Legs is pretty old and oh so slow on our walks. He ambles along and has to stop every few steps to spend five minutes sniffing something interesting. It takes a very long time just to go round the block.

This has been good for Little Monkey in a way, since slowing the walk right down has had a calming effect on her. But she also needs to have a good fast walk now and then. So I took her on her own the other day, and we strode at speed round the neighbourhood. She soon got into the zone and trotted along happily, very relaxed and with her ears back. My plan when we got home, was to fetch Mr SL and all three of us go on a shorter slow walk.

However, when I released LM in the driveway after our first walk, she dived straight for something lying on the ground. It looked like a large old tennis ball at first. On closer inspection I saw it was food of some kind. Ah ah! You’re not eating that my girl! I’m not getting up at 3 am to let you out cos you have a sore tummy!

LM does not bite – ever. It is perhaps her one redeeming feature. So, I have no qualms in removing the food from her mouth – but she obviously has other ideas!

First I try the “Drop it!” approach.

“You must be kidding, Mum!”

OK, then we go to the prising it from your tightly clenched jaws, keeping fingers away from massive teeth. Eventually I manage to pull the object out of her locked jaws. It looks like a bread roll, that has been nibbled by ants on the outside, but is rock hard solid. No idea what it is. I throw it outside the security gate, and head inside for SL.

I’ve only gone two steps when I hear LM. I turn to see she has squished her head under the bottom few inches of the railings and is reaching for the food ball. Before I can stop her, she’s got it, but now her head is stuck!

There she is with her bum in the air, and her face sideways on under the metal bar emitting lots of high-pitched squealing. I just stand there. She got herself into this, she can get herself out of it. All she has to do is let go of the food!

Of course I would help her if she really was stuck!

One final tug and LM frees herself. Now we are back to square one, and battling for possession of the disgusting food ball. This time, as I prise it from her resisting jaws, the food ball breaks up. It is yellow inside, and more the consistency of cake or biscuit than bread. Who knows what this is and who threw it in my property?

OK, so I will get it piece by piece if I have to! And I do – or as much of it as I can, as it rapidly disintegrates into crumbs. I throw the bits well outside the gate.

Panting from exertion, I wipe my hands on the grass, and head inside, as LM quickly hoovers up all remaining evidence.

I am far too cross by now to go on a second walk, so I just let SL out in the front to potter round for a while.

As for me – vodka on the rocks it is!


28 thoughts on “You Little Monkey!!

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  2. Gobetween

    Often bread left overs land in our yard, I think birds carry and drop bread and cake left overs which people put out. I always check what my dog picks up to eat because so many dogs are poisoned now, we must take care to prevent them from harm.

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  3. pensitivity101

    I’m always afraid Maggie will pick something up that she shouldn’t on our walks.
    Like you, I’m not too worried trying to prise something out of her mouth, though when she realises what I intend to do, she starts chewing like mad!

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  4. ouachitashutterbug

    My hiking buddy Paco doesn’t like having things taken from him be it a toy or something a lot worse. He does a lot of terrible growling and snarling but it’s all for show and part of his idea of play. I did have a problem a few weeks ago when a skunk got into our yard and all the dogs (five – all small breeds) were attacking the skunk knowing it should not be in the yard. My wife was at work so I had no way of separating them and keeping myself from the skunk. Unfortunately after it was all said and done.. the skunk was mortally injured and all 5 dogs were smelling of spray. Individually they are quite tame but something about being in a pack they think they can take on a bear. Luckily we don’t have any bears wandering into the yard. 🙂

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  5. ladysighs

    “so I just let SL out in the front to potter round for a while”
    How long does it take SL to potter around? Do you allow her to putter after she pots?
    I have neither a dog or a monkey and need to know these things before I invest. 🙂

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      Serious answer – you should walk your dog outside your property at least once a day. People will say they have a large garden and their dog gets exercise there! The walk is not for exercise particularly, but because dogs/wolves need to experience natural behaviour, such as travelling to new territory or hunting for food. It is also the quickest way to integrate a new member into your pack.
      I’ve had SL a year now, and he is over 13 years old, but still likes to go out and sniff things. My front garden is separate from my back so letting the dogs out there is the next best thing to a walk, and they can sniff where the guinea fowl, cats and squirrels have been.
      Then they come in for their supper, or in their minds, eat the kill from the hunt. 🙂


      1. ladysighs

        Yes, it is a serious thing to own and care for a pet. I have seen too many want the fun and not take on the responsibility. 😦

        My son and his new bride recently built a new home. It has a huge huge backyard! They won’t be having kids but do have a beautiful year and half old golden retriever. It has plenty of room to romp and run. The yard thought fenced backs up to a wildish area so there are plenty of smells. 🙂

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      Aw Thank you 🙂 Unfortunately LM eats so much rubbish – bones etc she finds on our walks. And I don’t want to out a muzzle on her as then people will think she is aggressive!

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      1. scifihammy Post author

        hahahaha – Sorry! LM is as “trained” as I’m ever going to get her. Life would have been so much easier if I had got her as a puppy. But in my experience, it is just dog behaviour to eat anything they can. I ought to be able to get her to give it to me though – but meh, can’t have everything 🙂

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      2. scifihammy Post author

        If you know about dog training you can tell where the trainer is off-screen, and the dog is watching her for commands 🙂
        And though we speak to our dogs, cos we are human, and they understand lots of words, they are still picking up on our energy and body language more than anything. Very interesting, cos they read us so well! 🙂

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      3. ady

        Hmmm…. I have almost zero experience so I wouldn’t know about it much but I know the friendly dogs happily come closer to be petted 🙂

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