Snow Business

Snow Daisy

Snow Daisy

There’s snow Business Like Show Business!

If you’ve visited my blog lately you’ll have noticed I have activated the snow* feature. I like to see snow falling on Little Monkey, as she frolicks in the searing sunshine. You gotta know that not one single snowflake would survive long enough on its passage down through the hot air to actually land on her!

If you read my posts fairly regularly you will also know that my internet is rubbish for most of the day! This is perfectly illustrated by the falling snow! Before 8 am and after about 6 pm, snow falls in a steady stream, sometimes so fast you see three dots streaking down the page instead of one. Any other time during the day – ie when I actually want to use, the snow stops and starts and inches down the screen at a snail’s pace, or freezes altogether. Welcome to my world – of slow snow internet!

It really is quite hard to try to write a post at these peak hours, especially if I have a photo from the day that I want to add to my post! Impossible! I often end up writing a post at night and scheduling it for publication the next day. Not how I intended blogging at all. I began by writing a quick post in the afternoon, instead of having a crossword break.

It is also impossible to visit other blogs and comment. The wheel keeps on spinning and I get nowhere. So if you were wondering why I had not been commenting as much lately, here’s your answer.

To make life more interesting, we are also experiencing power cuts for two or more hours at a time. We are told, “No, it isn’t power cuts, it is load shedding.” ?????

Basically – it is power cuts, but they are supposed to tell you when you will have them. This doesn’t help either, cos you will look online (when you have power) and be told emphatically There Will Be NO Load Shedding Today – only to have your power go off, for three and a half hours with no warning!

 News flash: Yesterday morning we had two power cuts lasting a total of four and a half hours in the space of six and a half hours! So I didn’t manage to get my post out.

It is very frustrating, not to mention down right annoying. It took my daughter one hour to do a usual five minute part of her journey home the other night! Total time – an hour and a half. Why are traffic lights not on a separate system, and therefore not cut?

I can’t trust the food in my fridge, when it has been switched off for hours, as it is summer here and very hot (33C today). And I find I wake at night to hear the pool pump going at 2 am,  because I have forgotten to re-set the timer again – and again!

Still, I shall find a way to keep posting – somehow!

post script: If you want falling snow* on your blog, go to your Dashboard, select Settings in the sidebar, then General. Scroll down to the snow option and tick. Voila! You have snow till 4 Jan! I found this out from Rachel Squirrel

Are you my 5000 visitor? My stats are currently at 4999. Who will be the lucky one? Oodles of points up for grabs!!


22 thoughts on “Snow Business

      1. kismet

        have tom to the conclusion that i am chief doofuss…i cant seem to find this snowing feature!!! i fear any more inventiveness on my part might result in the whole of WP crashing on this side of the Atlantic!! 🙂

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      2. scifihammy Post author

        Aw – if you write your blog from a laptop you should be able to access the “snow” feature from your dashboard. I have since de-activated mine, as my internet is so slow, it was taking too long to load anything.

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  1. pensitivity101

    Congrats on the 5000 (plus now)>
    Know what you mean about power cuts. We invested in a small generator just in case as we lived in the country, but actually never used it. It was one of the things we kept for the boat just in case mains failed here in th marina.
    Our WIFI is still iffy despite their soopa-doopa new roota, and we have realised that between 4 and 4.45 the office is running their back ups as our signal is strong, but access is set in blancmange. Best time is before 8 am and after 5pm when they’ve all gone home and aren’t playing game any more!

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  2. mistermuse

    Re the power outages, I would suggest (if you can afford it) getting a “whole-house” generator. We have one (because of medical necessity in the family, we can’t risk being without electricity for more than an hour or two), and it has never failed us. Price varies with type and load capacity, but it might be worth checking into in your situation.

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  3. ady

    missed the mark,14 ahead of me !!! 😀 Congratulations 🙂 I hate power-cuts,makes me feel like stone-age,you just can’ do anything you want to except talk a little in dark with others but then faceless discussions makes me feel clueless 😛

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      Aw – I think you may have been the 5000th anyway – My stats were a little delayed! I always want a cuppa as soon as the power goes out! So now I keep a thermos ready! And I agree- hard to chat when you can’t see the persons expressions! Hope your cough soon improves 🙂

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      1. scifihammy Post author

        Ah – so sorry! I am doing too many things at once! Trying to set up different laptop, and I got muddled! It is Garfield Hug who has the flu and a cough! So sorry!!

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