I’ll Be Home On Christmas Day


I left home when I was 18, but still went home every Christmas.

I left England when I was 21. In the following years, before my parents both died, I was only “Home on Christmas Day” three times.

Though I made my own family Christmases here in South Africa, it is just not the same, celebrating Christmas in a very hot country, in the middle of summer.

Christmas will always feel a bit sad to me.

So here is Elvis to sing it like it is.


I’m taking a few days break now, so will see you next week.

Wishing those of you who celebrate it;

Merry Christmas;

and those of you who do not;

Happy Holidays. 

And sparing a thought for those who are lonely or sad at this time of year and sending you a Sunbeam!


27 thoughts on “I’ll Be Home On Christmas Day

  1. Rachel M

    I understand what you mean about celebrating Christmas in the middle of summer in a hot country. That was all the Christmases of my childhood. For some reason I feel more at home in the UK for Christmas even though I never grew up here. It’s as though my subconscious knows that this is where I’m from.

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      I can understand that. It just makes more sense to celebrate in the middle of a long cold winter – the return of the sun! 🙂 I’m glad you are at home in your new place 🙂


  2. spanishwoods

    It is very grey here in Pennsylvania today, which brings an air of melancholy (which I always feel on Christmas Eve, remembering all those who aren’t here with us anymore). I wish I had a little piece of your bright sunshine! Happy Christmas to you and yours.

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  3. Garfield Hug

    Merry Christmas Sci! You have been a good source of encouragement and support to me. May you be blessed with Yuletide Cheer and a restful holiday season with your family. Agree Christmas is summer is not the same. Stay well and happy my friend 🙂

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  4. ladysighs

    I understand the feelings you have. I get caught up in the excitement of the season, but am always glad when it is over. Enjoy your break.
    Elvis got blocked to me here in the USA. 😦 Bah Humbug! But I love Elvis and will listen elsewhere to him. 🙂

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      Ah sorry about youtube! Funny cos USA clips are often blocked to me here! But as you say – Elvis is readily available to watch should you wish 🙂 Happy Holidays 🙂


  5. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Merry Christmas my sunny friends! Thank you for all the laughs and shares. I wish you the best in 2015!

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