Star Flower



Monochrome #1

The most striking thing about an Agapanthus is its startling blue colour.

Desaturating the colour with GIMP, and selecting the shade of grey based on Luminosity, turned the flower surprisingly metallic.

Agapanthus 2

Agapanthus 2 – original


Agapanthus 3

Agapanthus 3

I include the above as a sort of “also ran”! I was trying to drain the colour, but retain the blue. However, I couldn’t get the leaves to stop being so green. Inability!!

Agapanthus 4

Agapanthus 4 – original

I don’t normally participate in WP events, but have made an exception here, in support of Ady, a young photographer, experimenting with a new camera. If you visit her blog colorpaletteofady you will see some great photos. A lot of my followers are blanketed in snow in the Northern hemisphere, so are actually participating in a monochrome theme already; no photo adjustments needed!

I will post a few photos in the monochrome series, but not necessarily consecutively. Keep an eye out for them!



18 thoughts on “Star Flower

    1. scifihammy Post author

      Thank you 🙂 Well I love your monochrome photos and all the snow 🙂 Each season has its place, but when you are too hot or too cold, it is lovely to look at the opposite type of weather 🙂


  1. ady

    Yes!!! It does have a metallic look ! And now it’s more rich in texture once the colors were desaturated 🙂 Loved it 😀 Thanks a million Sci for doing it for me ❤ I do hope you enjoy it too in the process 😀

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