As the Sun Sets on 2014

Sunset over Table Mountain

Sunset over Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

Say goodbye to 2014; the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. And look ahead to 2015.

Australia is 9 hours ahead of me, Singapore 6 hours and India 3 and a half; while I am 2 hours ahead of UK and 7 to 10 hours ahead of USA. And though we may begin 2015 at slightly different times, it is marvellous to be a part of the WP family. I raise my glass to you all. Cheers!


Wishing Everyone a Wonderful 2015.



30 thoughts on “As the Sun Sets on 2014

  1. kismet

    Salud! I hopes the new year brings with it many glorious sunsets and sunrises….promise me when you see a spectacular one you shall capture it for me ❤️

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  2. ladysighs

    Thank you. 🙂 Time while easy to explain is still always a bit of a mystery and not always easy to understand….to me. But then there are lots of things I don’t understand. lol
    But I do understand our enthusiasm for WP! (although I want to kick it sometime 😦 )

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