Sunday Musings #12

Peas in a Pod - SL and LM

Peas in a Pod – SL and LM

When you love someone, you love the person as they are and not as you’d like them to be.

– Leo Tolstoy

This also applies to your pets!


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  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    They are so cute! I love Mr. SL’s butt spot. Monkey has such a loving look… I can’t believe she’s uncivilized πŸ˜‰ oh, and Woof!

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      haha Thanks πŸ™‚ Oh, LM is not uncivilised – but unsocialised πŸ™‚ ie does not know how to behave with other dogs, tho fortunately freaks out rather than being aggressive. But then again, she Does eat my chocolate, which I consider Very uncivilised πŸ™‚


    1. scifihammy Post author

      Yes, it would, but I think most of us try this, at least when we are older πŸ™‚ Sort of along the lines of “Accept that which you cannot change” πŸ™‚

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  2. Hα»“ng NhiΓͺn

    I read once, ” Love is not a feeling, love is a person” At first I thought love is an emotion! how can it not be that intense feeling, but after a while I realized how true it is, love is the person, pets πŸ™‚ there present, even when the feeling is exasperation or even anger.

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    1. colinandray

      So many people (usually younger ages) get passion and love really confused. Loving a person, or animal, is to overlook their imperfections (who is perfect any way?). Also, you don’t have to love what they do ….. but you can still love them for who they are.

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  3. Garfield Hug

    This is so true! In my little red dot, parents buy pets for their kids as puppies, kittens or baby rabbits are cute. They forget the responsibility of a pet is for the duration of its life span. As puppy grows to a dog, cuteness is gone and they send them to the pound or abandon them. Our abandoned pets are pedigreed breeds. Thankfully pounds worj with animal shelters to rehome these dogs, cats and rabbits. Timely reminder…:-)

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      Rescue organisations here are full of unwanted pets – mostly Not pedigree. LM herself had been adopted as a puppy by students, and while not technically mistreated, she was not trained or socialised in anyway at all.
      Now when people adopt a puppy, they are strongly recommended to go to puppy classes and learn how to take care of their dog properly, to avoid the “problem” dogs that people make!

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      1. Garfield Hug

        Excellent! Puppy school! I like. I remember when 101 Dalmatians was showing, the trigger effect was kids wanted Dalmatians. We had loads of unwanted Dalmatians once the novelty wore off! We even have Siberian Huskies rescued from heat laden Singapore! Crazy affluent people who thinks buying a pet is like a new toy or hand bag!

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    2. colinandray

      So many times I have heard “My 15 yr old daughter/son wants a dog for their birthday.” My response is “Do YOU want a dog? When your daughter/son leaves home in a couple of years, your dog will need looking after for at least another 12 years or more.” Then there is the perception of “used” dogs in shelters!!!!!! (Ref my Post “Used Dog”)

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  4. colinandray

    A humorous alternative perspective quote ” I’ve been trying to change him for the past 25 years, and now he is no longer the man I married!” The philosophy behind your quote makes sense!

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