Lone Wolf

White Fang!

White Fang!

I like how Mr Spaghetti Legs walks here; one paw crossing over the other. It looks kind of wolf-like to me.

Also he is licking his lips. Nope, he didn’t kill some poor little creature. He has just had a treat after his bath!

So, are you a Lone Wolf, or do you prefer to run with the pack?

As for me, while I can mix with the group if necessary, really I’m a bit of a Lone Hamster!



33 thoughts on “Lone Wolf

  1. pensitivity101

    Mr SL obviously has the swagger to match Maggie’s cocky walk. Her back legs cross each other in perfect rhythm!
    Can two and a half be loners? We tend to prefer our own company most of the time, but mix well with others!

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