Sunday Musings #14

The greatest revelation is stillness.

– Lao-Tzu


Now, when I first saw this, I read Silliness instead of Stillness, and I’m nodding my head!

Of course you have to learn not to take everything so seriously; you have to learn to be a little silly; you have to dance like no-one is watching!

But on re-reading the quote, (yes I have just been to the optician and ordered new contact lenses!!) I have to agree; only when you are sitting quietly can you truly observe the world; and find your inner self.



27 thoughts on “Sunday Musings #14

  1. Photo Granny

    I think it is reasonable either way. I understand the reasoning behind “stillness,” but I so surrender myself to something else when I am silly. Silliness doesn’t work for introspection, of course, but it does lighten the soul. And don’t we need that?! 🙂 My eyes aren’t what they used to be, and I do get a charge at some of the stuff I “see.” (Speaking of silliness….) 🙂 Good quote! Thanks for sharing.

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  2. faburlifekhloe

    I love how you see Silliness in Stillness…I urge myself to see Silliness in life when I’m getting stressed out…It’s a great way to redirect myself from being stressful to stillness…Both of your interpretations have great meanings to it. Good job Sci! 😉

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  3. sb2711

    Bwahahah…silliness would have added a twist to the quote. Good job noticing that and giving us a good laugh 😀

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  4. ady

    I like the quote both ways 😀 may be you can patent that quote 🙂 Someday when you write a book,you can make it eternal 😀 We should realize we are not perfect 🙂

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