Ocean View

Ocean View

Ocean View

This is Hout Bay as seen from up the mountain at Suikerbossie.



32 thoughts on “Ocean View

      1. Midwestern Plant Girl

        All tourists are the crazy ones that swim when the natives wouldn’t put a toe in. I’ve lived in Florida and all my northern guests would want to go to the ocean and I would watch their stuff from the warm sand!

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      1. ladysighs

        I know what you mean. I put a link if need to give credit for a pic. It’s just the nature of blogging. We have to move so quickly to get to all we follow.
        I get satisfaction from writing and the fun/work of putting a page together. I probably edit each of mine 20 times to get it to look like I want. lol
        And hope a few enjoy/notice/appreciate (maybe one of the three lol ).

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      2. scifihammy Post author

        Sorry – your comment somehow slipped through the gaps!
        Wow 20 edits! Impressive! But it shows in the finished product 🙂 And yes I realise it is time constraints with clicking links etc


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