Give a Dog A Hoof

SL and hoof

SL and hoof

Mr Spaghetti Legs enjoys trying to eat a hoof. I say ‘trying’, because he has so few teeth left, that it is really hard work.

Mr SL and hoof 2

Mr SL and hoof 2

He gnawed away at this hoof for about half an hour. Then, exhausted by his efforts, he fell asleep with it between his paws!

Little Monkey and hoof

Little Monkey and hoof

Little Monkey has no such problem, having a full set of strong teeth.

LM and hoof 2

LM and hoof 2

She’s also very good at holding the hoof between her paws for extra grip. No way she was going to fall asleep any time soon!

Because she is such a Little Monkey, I have to sit there and watch them the whole time with their hooves. LM will ‘assimilate’ all the hooves if I’m not around. Once SL had had enough, I removed both hooves, till the next supervised chewing session.

post script: The title Give a Dog a Bone has already been used for Madam.



35 thoughts on “Give a Dog A Hoof

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  2. faburlifekhloe

    One of the good things having pets is to notice the things they do. Watching your cutie dogs eat relaxed me. Their charm shined through your pictures and made me want to play with them 😉

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  3. Ady

    I have no dog but reading these posts makes me cheerfully feel those moments of having pets 😀 I have seen Pluto(Disney) in cartoons having chewing sessions, so I can imagine it to be fun watch in real……Thanks Sci ❤

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  4. ladysighs

    It ain’t going on my blog. LOL
    [audio src="" /]
    It you copy and paste in a browser I think it will work. Then you can R click the player and save audio……if you want.
    I rearranged the poem a bit.

    It behooves me to say
    About hooves here this day
    And what it proves to us all

    Your dogs with hooves play
    For a tasty buffet
    Their chews do not forestall

    Hooves Hooves Sweet Hooves
    Of them everyone approves
    Give Monkey a treat
    Hooves cannot be beat
    Her breath it will improve

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  5. dizzylizzie72

    My dog Dingo use to go into the neighbor’s pasture and find old cow hooves and chew on them all day. We reinforced the fence to keep her on our 3 acres and messed up all her fun and enjoyment. Nice post.

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  6. Garfield Hug

    So cute to see both SL and LM having a go at their respective hooves! Like you, when my pet dobermann was alive I would supervise else her gnawing at it, otherwise our other dog a cross between a pariah and a beagle would want to steal her hoove whilst he has his own. Just being greedy as usual and then they would fight…glad in your case both are well behaved with no fighting/stealing 😉
    Great photos though 😊

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  7. quiall

    It behooves me to say, about hooves here this day, all it proves to us all, is your moves must forestall, cuz the grooves that they play, with the hooves here today, will tomorrow improve, that’s all I can say! uuummmm

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      1. ladysighs

        It’s not exactly a word I use daily,weekly,monthly or yearly. But when I do, I believe I say hooves.
        I guess I will hot hoof it over to a dictionary and find out. 🙂

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      2. scifihammy Post author

        haha Now here’s a challenge – write a poem with the word ‘hooves’ and see how many rhymes you can come up with 🙂


  8. Tom's Nature-up-close Photography and Mindfulness Blog

    Cool shots! It’s very important to get dogs to chew and have good dental hygiene. If they go to the vet for a tooth extraction, they are “put-under”… which can be lethal to certain dogs. My cousin and his wife lost a dog due to having dental work done.
    Our Shih Tzu is sensitive to hooves… so, daily, I give her a special hollow bone with some dog food inserted inside (for her to work at to get out). I need to remind her to use her teeth… but when I do… she does. Plus we brush her teeth daily, as I hold her head while by wife brushes the teeth.
    My parrots have it better than us mammals… they don’t have teeth to contend with (like the dinosaurs that they evolved from), which was a superb change!

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      haha Yes, birds have it easier!
      My dogs are all ‘second hand’ so by the time I get them their teeth are pretty bad; often exacerbated by poor nutrition as a young dog (on the streets) so the enamel is not great to start with.
      We do the best we can. Dry kibble helps with the teeth (yes they get lots of ‘real’ food too) but often, as with SL, it is far too late really. As he is so old (about 12 when I got him), they will never anaesthetise him just for dental work.
      I have had dogs teeth cleaned before, but asked them to do it when the dog was under for another reason, such as anal gland surgery or cruciate surgery.

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