Groove to the Hoove

Little Monkey and hoof

Little Monkey and hoof

Mr SL and hoof 2

Mr SL and hoof 2

Yesterday I posted some photos of my dogs eating hooves. Butterflysand wrote a little rhyming poem, and along with MidWesternPlantGirl, we challenged Ladysighs to sing it for us.

For some reason she did not want to publish a song about dogs and stinky hooves on her own blog! But you can hear her sing it below.  (I hope – I am computer challenged!)


And here is Quiall’s original poem –

It behooves me to say,

about hooves here this day,

all it proves to us all,

is your moves must forestall,

cuz the grooves that they play,

with the hooves here today,

will tomorrow improve,

that’s all I can say!



And Ladysighs’ song –

It behooves me to say
About hooves here this day
And what it proves to us all

Your dogs with hooves play
For a tasty buffet
Their chews do not forestall

Hooves Hooves Sweet Hooves
Of them everyone approves
Give Monkey a treat
Hooves cannot be beat
Her breath it will improve


Thank you for the entertainment ladies.


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  1. Garfield Hug

    Nice of the ladies…I enjoyed this as I lie in hospital…great having good laughs and great camaraderie in blog world 😊…..and my treat was 2 posta from Sci today☺!! Yaay!!

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