I just love the name of this little flower – Phlox.

Over the years I have tried, unsuccessfully, to keep some of these flowers growing in my garden. I had white and purple ones, but the purple ones disappeared very quickly, and eventually the white ones followed suit.

Somehow a few seeds must have remained dormant, because, years later, here in my pot with another plant, these few straggly white phlox have suddenly appeared.

I know you’ll be tired of hearing it by now, but really, you have to be an extremely hardy and persistent plant to survive in my garden!



29 thoughts on “Phlox

  1. Nicole Dacanay

    This is so funny, because my husband and I have a little flowering plant that looks exactly like this! The name Phlox is definitely my new favorite flower name. Ours is in a pot, and it seems quite happy outside in the humidity!

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      haha Nooo they’re not weeds over here anyway! You buy them at the nursery 🙂
      My garden is so difficult, because I’m not a good gardener, the soil is bad and the plants need more water than I can give them with water restrictions and expense – so only the hardy or indigenous survive.
      You have to water your lawn to keep it from dying. 🙂


  2. Crooked Tracks

    Phlox are so pretty. For some reason the purple ones are common here. I do not see the white ones very often 🙂

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  3. dizzylizzie72

    You mean you do not have a green thumb, as they say here in America. Plants will not grow right for you, well we all have those problems to an extent. Phlox are very pretty indeed.

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  4. colinandray

    Phlox! Can’t beat a field of flax and phlox! In fact, a fix of flax and phlox is perfect! How about a fox in a field of phlox? Let’s get the facts of a fox in a fix, in a field of flax and phlox. 🙂

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  5. Ady

    Now this is one flower I have seen here few times but may be because they were potted and cared for in some places… I love them very much and now I know the name , I was meaning to share the pics someday 😛 ….. This is great shot Sci 😀

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