Scifihammy and TJ

Scifihammy and TJ

This incident happened a while back when I had the three dogs, Madam, TJ and Little Monkey.

The old dogs, especially TJ, were only able to manage short walks, and I often took them on their own slow walk then returned and took LM out on a faster long walk.

However, I took all three now and then, as it is good for the ‘pack’ to walk together. We were walking slowly along, down a curving road, when three young men approached on the same side of the road. I always assess people and decide whether to say hello or not. This was definitely a “Not” situation, so I started to pass them by without a word and with no eye contact. My dogs took their cue from me and were also ignoring the men; no problem.

Just as we passed, the closest man raised his right arm with a sudden movement. TJ instantly sprang into action and challenged the man, lunging for him and barking. Madam quickly joined him, so now I had two dogs between me and the ‘attacker’ as they saw him.

I said, “Ah-ha!’, reeled them in and carried on walking.

The man pretended he was raising his arm in greeting, by continuing the action and muttering a belated, “Hi.” But we all knew he was testing my dogs, which he perceived to be old, to see how they would respond. He sure found out.

So now they knew these particular dogs would protect their owner and property.

I have certainly never trained my dogs to protect me. It is something they will automatically do, when the ‘pack’ is stable. My dogs are definitely not aggressive. And even if they had been off the lead, all they would have done was challenge the man and bark at him, placing themselves between me and the ‘attacker’. But he didn’t know that.

TJ always hobbled. He came to me with a gammy leg, which I later found out had been very badly broken and never set, and so had healed crookedly. (see Portrait of a Dog #2 and #8) The poor old boy could hardly walk, but he protected me. The same for Madam, (See Portrait of a Dog #4 and #7)  who was very old by now. I really felt part of the pack, and oh so protected.

And what was Little Monkey doing during this incident? She didn’t really know what to do, so just sort of hovered. She has since really come into her own, and will certainly protect me at home. On the walks, she is more busy looking for other dogs to freak out at, or squirrels and cats to hunt!

post script: As you can clearly see from the photo, TJ was very friendly, and loved people. None of my dogs have ever been aggressive, just, on occasion, protective.


36 thoughts on “Protection

    1. scifihammy Post author

      Probably nothing would have happened to me, as I never walk with a handbag to steal, and I did not look at the men. I think they were casing the neighbourhood for houses to rob?? I don’t know. Not a pleasant experience though – which is why I do not walk alone.


  1. Mike Fuller Author

    Had the young jerk ever been actually bitten by a dog protecting either its person or its territory, he would not have been so flippant. I had a big black German Shepherd as a young man and witnessed his untrained protective instincts kick in a few times. No thanks, I’m not going to provoke any dog that still has its teeth. Someday I’ll put together a few real life stories about my beloved Dutch. For now he will remain a fictionalized character in my novels. I still miss him though, the big lug.

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      It is a wonderful to be protected by a dog and feel part of the pack. 🙂 And yes, all our dogs take a piece of our hearts when they go. I still miss all of mine.

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  2. Sarah Ferguson

    I’m so glad they protected you! Amazing how they know – only once have I thought Choppy might hurt a person. We were walking in a park and someone came walking toward us who I had never seen before and was extremely wary of. Choppy lunged at him as he came close and the sound that came out of her was the scariest thing I have ever heard from her (and this is a dog with a rather scary bark when she is happy to see you!). He immediately headed the other direction – solely thanks to Choppy’s protective instinct!

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  3. Lucy

    I’m not surprised at all. Dogs will always do this. Lisa also gets very protective when we pass by strangers who come towards me. Not all the time, not with all persons, but sometimes it happens. The last time she did this, we passed by a guy who was talking on the phone, one hand at his head, and blocking the path. Not sure what she saw, but is great to know our dogs love us so much to want us safe 🙂 So, someone deserves a treat!

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  4. dizzylizzie72

    I am so glad you had all of your dogs on that walk. I am always cautious about what other people are doing around me. There are some awful people in this world. I am sure your dogs would have protected you that day. Glad this story had a happy ending. Good job.

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  5. pensitivity101

    Maggie is also protective of both of us and hates it when we separate. If one of us is outside a shop the other has gone in, she will sit and strain her neck round the doorway not letting us out of sight if she can help it!

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  6. Rachel M

    Dogs will defend their owners to their deaths. Even when they’re old and sick. Sounds scary though. I’m glad you had your dogs out with you on that walk!

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  7. quiall

    Dogs are pack animals by nature and they see you as part of that pack. I think they see their humans as infirm which would account for the instinct to protect being so strong. Good dogs!

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  8. Midwestern Plant Girl

    There is a huge difference between a violent dog and a dog protecting his owner, IMO. My dogs will protect me when they feel my nervousness. It hasn’t happened often, but I was in a similar situation and they reacted the same. I think this goes thru their minds. .. “Don’t F with my food source”

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