LM and SL chillax

LM and SL chillax

Thank Goodness It’s The Weekend!

Now we can continue doing what we did all week – but with a clear conscience!

Little Monkey and Mr Spaghetti Legs chill out in the garden.



22 thoughts on “TGITW

  1. Mike Fuller Author

    Our daughter picked up the “grandogs” last night and we miss them terribly. BUT we get them back on Monday, can’t wait. They brighten our home when she works her “long” days and leaves them with us rather than stuck at her house in their cages. Our Annie (12 year old Maltzu) is their pack mom and seems energized when the two younger dogs (5 year old Shorkie and 4 year old Maltzu) are here. We have enough love for all of them though. Ain’t doggies just the best thing ever? Well, maybe an actual grendkid would be nice too!

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