Remembrance Flowers

Jack's Flower

Jack’s Flower

I have always loved blue flowers. I planted this Plumbago when my old rescue dog Jack died. Like him, the plant is a survivor. It lives in a pot on my stoep, where it has sun, but not too much.

When my daughter DD brought home her pot plants, some rearrangement was necessary on the stoep. One day I noticed that this plant had been in full sun for days on end. It was brown and withered and looked completely dead. I dragged the pot to a shadier spot, watered it, and forgot about it.

A week or so later it had sprung back to life, with more new growth than it had shown in years. Now it is flowering happily again. Pretty much like Jack’s life. He was starving himself to death at the rescue centre, when we decided to take him home.

Other plants for my old dogs are:

LadyΒ has the honeysuckle seen recently with the little golden frog.

And MadamΒ and TJ, since they died only three weeks apart, share the Japanese Sacred Bamboo.

It somehow eases the pain of loss to bring new life into your home, when it can’t always be another dog! And when I look at my flowers I remember my old pets.



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