What a Nice Bunch!

A Nice Bunch

A Nice Bunch

I’d just like to say that you guys are the best!

My recent post Lavender Gardenย was a joke about the song ‘I never promised you a rose garden’. Less than half of my readers knew the song, and therefore got the joke.

But the majority of you, who did not know the reference, still liked my post and commented favourably on my photo of the lavender garden; most of you preferring lavender to roses anyway. Not one of you said anything about me losing the plot; though many of you must have been confused!

So, thank you guys, and like the title says, you’re a nice bunch!



16 thoughts on “What a Nice Bunch!

  1. dizzylizzie72

    Beautiful flowers. Thank you for including me in this bunch. I find the majority of bloggers are very nice people. Once in awhile I find a blogger who seems to be mad at the world, I just back out of their blog and chose not to get involved. I enjoy your blog very much, I can tell you are a very nice person.

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