Sittin’ on a Roof

Egyptian Goose

Egyptian Goose

I was hanging out the washing the other day, when I heard the most horrendous racket coming from above me.

I looked up and saw an Egyptian Goose sitting on my neighbour’s roof.

I think I should have a whole series of these birds sittin’ on something. Remember Sittin’ on a Pole?

Egyptian Goose 2

Egyptian Goose 2

Well he was screeching as loudly as he possibly could, living up to my definition of Cacophony!

And he stayed up there long enough for me to go off and fetch my camera!



23 thoughts on “Sittin’ on a Roof

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  2. Lucy

    I guess we all have that one bird, around our house, which likes to drives us mad haha. Worse part is when it decides to bring his buddies over πŸ™‚

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      1. Ady

        Cat scared of Geese !!!! I wish we could have few of those πŸ˜€ Here cats are predominant predators !! There is no domesticated bird matching their power !

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  3. pensitivity101

    Wondered where they’d gone! Both of the marina egyptian geese/ducks have gone AWOL, though rumour has it they will be back in a few weeks.
    We have a pair of ducks that lord it above the marina grounds from the rooftops of the houses running alongside. It seems so funny to see a DUCK on the roof!

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