Summer Vacation

Summer Cottage

Summer Cottage

I thought you might be wondering where I stayed on my recent trip to the UK. This is my summer cottage.

It’s really funny watching all my visitors in their Lamborghinis having to creep down the driveway at a snail’s pace, to avoid spraying gravel everywhere.



These are my gardens. I have no idea what all these people are doing wandering around here!


post script: OK it is actually Cliveden House, owned by the National Trust and let as a hotel, in Taplow, Berkshire, UK. But there really were Lamborghinis crawling down the driveway!




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  1. dizzylizzie72

    I knew you did not stay there, you did not fool me. Ha Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing your vacation experience with us. More photos, we want more! Love your sense of humor, love your blog, and am glad you are home safe.

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