Cruising Down the River – On a Sunday Afternoon

Boat Ride on the Thames

Boat Ride on the Thames

On my recent UK trip, my friend planned a lovely boat trip on the Thames. Not through London; but way out in the country near Windsor. Yes, the River Thames is one long river; the longest actually in England, and the second longest in the UK (the River Severn being the longest there.) So this was what I was doing a few weeks ago, peacefully spending an hour or so, literally cruising down the river on a Sunday afternoon!

post script: I mentioned to my friend that there is a song “Cruising down the river”, and she said, “Well, there you go then, Blog post!” Honestly, I wasn’t thinking of blog posts at the time: but since she brought it up – This one’s for you, S!

‘Cruising Down the River’ was written by Eily Beadell and Nell Tollerton and first released in 1946. You can hear a version of it sung here by Blue Barron and his orchestra.Β I discovered this song years ago in a music book I’d bought, and sang it with guitar.



25 thoughts on “Cruising Down the River – On a Sunday Afternoon

  1. dizzylizzie72

    That looks like one of the most relaxing ways to spend time. That is a beautiful photo on the river. And once again I know your song – “Cruising down the River.” Nice song. More memories to store in ones mind.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. dizzylizzie72

        You always have me looking up the lyrics to these old songs (Cruising written 1949) and listening to different artists perform them. Cruising through the internet on a Monday afternoon. Ha

        Liked by 1 person

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