Mr Spaghetti Legs and the Swiss Cheese Plant

Mr SL and the Cheese Plant 1

Mr SL and the Cheese Plant 1

While I was gallivanting around Europe recently, my daughter DD’s Swiss Cheese Plant was drowning in its pot after heavy rains. Though this is a lovely ceramic pot, it has no drainage holes.

So it was time to transplant it out into the garden.

Mr Spaghetti Legs loves new scents and came along to “help” us during the replanting.

Mr SL and the Cheese Plant 2

Mr SL and the Cheese Plant 2

He had to inspect the hole too!

Cheese Plant 3

Cheese Plant 3

Finally, the Swiss Cheese Plant is safely tucked in its new home, where hopefully it can cope with all the heavy rains still to come in our Cape winter.

Quiz Time.

Do you know why the leaves split and have holes in them?

Apparently it is to enable the leaf to grow larger and cover a greater area than a solid leaf could. This means that it can receive a more constant supply of the dappled sunlight filtering through the trees, and hence have a better chance of survival. If you are interested, you can read more about it here Leaves with holes in them.



21 thoughts on “Mr Spaghetti Legs and the Swiss Cheese Plant

  1. Joseph Nebus

    We had tomato plants that ended up swimming after we got about fourteen feet of rain in twelve hours last month. Had forgot about the need to poke holes in the plastic containers. Fortunately we could tip out most of the watery soup from the pots before the plants drowned altogether, and we hid them in the garage until they dried enough to drill holes. Still, streams of water came out once my love did drill a hole in.

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  2. ulli

    Best helper in a garden is the dog. You never have enough plants for all the holes he burrows 😉
    Mr. SL did well, Scifihammy 🙂

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  3. Garfield Hug

    Thanks for the botanical fact! But isn’t this plant poisonous? I worry for Mr SL slurping on the water logged pot. I know Dumb Cane plants are…unsure if Swiss Cheese Plant is poisonous?

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      1. Garfield Hug

        Good!! Good!! When my pet Dobermann was alive…you are right…she snilffed alot around plants and stuff in the garden and walked away! Heh heh you just taught me a dog fact! Thank you Sci 😉


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