Like Father; Like Son

Baby Mossie 1

Baby Mossie 1

This little chap flew into my daughter’s bedroom via a small open window last week. It must have taken some manoeuvering through the burglar bars! (Pictured here by a large window, not the small one it flew through.)

Baby Mossie 2

Baby Mossie 2

I didn’t want to stress the little guy any more than I had to, so took just a few quick shots, as I slowly approached the window where he was trapped.

Baby Mossie 3

Baby Mossie 3

As you can see from these photos, he was very scared and bashing his wings and tail and everything against the window and bars.

I finally got the window open enough for him to fly out. I hope he was only a bit bruised and not damaged.

You might remember my post last week, Ruffled Feathers, about an adult male Mossie (Cape Sparrow) who flew splat into my lounge window from outside in the garden. I can only think this little chick is his son, as he seems to have inherited the genes for flying into windows!

Like father; like son!



24 thoughts on “Like Father; Like Son

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      This one was going to get thro that window if it had to smash it – so safest thing for it was for me to open the window. We used the tea towel method on our budgies!

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  2. dizzylizzie72

    Very cute post. I am glad this little fellow got back outside ok. It probably is the son. Very nice photos. I remember years ago trying to get a lizard back outside that was on my drapes. He was so fast I could not catch him by hand. So, I took the rod, drapes and all outside real fast and he was back in the great outdoors. Worked out well. Have also had birds in the house and it is often quite hard to get them out.

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