Thursday Spring Fever

Snow Drops 1

White Bells 1

I think these lovely little flowers are White Bells, not Snowdrops. It’s hard to tell, because, just like most things here in South Africa, bathed in the ever-present warmth of the sun, they grow big!

Snowdrops 2

White Bells 2

And while you are never going to see these White Bells pushing through actual snow, as you would in, say, England, they are one of the first flowers to bloom at the end of winter.



14 thoughts on “Thursday Spring Fever

  1. faburlifekhloe

    What a perfect title for this post! I’m totally getting a flower fever now and I blame you for giving such a lovely fever lol 😛 These flowers sure do look like snowdrops especially from afar (beautiful). ❤

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      These are my neighbour’s flowers, that I quickly snapped while walking past. There wasn’t any scent that I was aware of – maybe if I’d bent down to sniff them! 🙂

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