Late last summer I planted three packets of poppy seeds.

One packet never materialised at all, the second gave a promising start of little grass-like sprouts, then died.

This third packet produced a pot full of lovely green feathery leaves, but no flowers.

Till this week.

Having watched and watered this pot for months on end, I finally noticed a solitary orange poppy, brightly flowering away. I see by the remains on a stalk, that I already missed a bloom, blown away in the last cold front to pass through with wind and rain.

So, was it worth it to plant three packets, wait a year and get to see only one flower?

I think so.



20 thoughts on “Poppy

  1. HN

    Sci, these poppies will self seed. Wait and see…you will have lots of them in no time. Try to catch sight of the buds before full bloom…they look like they have elf hats on.

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  2. dizzylizzie72

    This looks like what we call California Poppies here in America. They grow in many places out West and generally do not need too much water. I love these flowers, have tried to grow them here in Arkansas with very little luck. So congratulations – you at least got to see the beautiful bloom.

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  3. pensitivity101

    I’ve been fascinated by the variety of poppies here, red, purple, pink and white. I never realised they came in so many colours, as I’d only ever seen the red ones. We used to have the really big ‘opium’ poppies in our back garden, but got rid of them to make way for our veg patch. 🙂

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  4. ladysighs

    I think so too. The seed packets are so much cheaper than a potted plant. lol There is something about planting seeds that makes you feel a part of the process. A mothery thing maybe.

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