Little Monkey

Little Monkey

“Let’s play, Mum!” says Little Monkey, shaking her head madly from side to side, to kill her catch. “I brought sticky!”

“Erm, that looks more like loggy!” I say.

LM and Sticky 2

LM and Sticky 2

“Huh?”asks LM.

“Oh, never mind!” she adds. “Something else has just caught my attention. I have to go bark at it now! Bye.”



25 thoughts on “Sticky!

  1. Sarah Ferguson and Choppy

    I am so glad Choppy is not a fetcher! I’m guessing that retriever gene passed her by. Of course, she got the “sneak sticks into the house and chew them up on the lightest carpet in the house” gene, so perhaps I should want that retriever gene!

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      1. scifihammy Post author

        Actually, with most dogs, you get exercise running all over the place retrieving the sticks and balls yourself, while the dog watches, with tongue lolling! So, toned legs too! 🙂
        However, LM does bring the ball back to me, as I sit in style sipping my ice-wine under the shade of the trees! 😀

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  2. pensitivity101

    Ha, loved this. Reminded me of our previous dog fetching a stick and getting all mad at it. It ws actually a tree root above ground, still attached to the tree, a twenty foot pine! Daft dog. Another episode was trying to slow him down on a walk, and so we attached a large branch to his lead. He just picked it up and carried it. Bless. 😀

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