Butterfly 1

Butterfly 1

Haiku 19

Butterfly you fraud

You’re just a caterpillar

Who learnt how to fly!


Now you see it . . .

Butterfly 2

Butterfly 2

Now you don’t!

Yes, it’s still there.

I’ve no idea what type of butterfly it is, or what flower it is on.

But I’m open to suggestions.


post script: OK I had a few minutes spare and looked up the butterfly. It is a Garden Acraea. You’re welcome!



21 thoughts on “Flutterby

  1. pensitivity101

    Nice pictures. We don’t have anything remotely similar here in the UK. Orange butterflies yes, grey butterflies, yes, but orange with grey tipped wings? Nope. We do have some beauties though.

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      haha I say it because my one daughter, DD, hates caterpillars (because she was always the one to tread on them barefoot in the house – the massive Hawkmoth caterpillars several inches long!)
      She said the reason she doesn’t like Butterflies – is because they are just caterpillars with wings!
      I see her point! 🙂


  2. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Looks like you nailed the name down! I don’t recall seeing any of these here, but that doesn’t mean they are not here.
    The shrub is a bit more difficult for me to ID. I can’t see the flowers well enough. I will take a wild stab tho. .. Verbena family? Were the stems square? Oh well! I tried! 😉

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    1. scifihammy Post author

      I think these butterflies only live in Southern Africa.
      I didn’t get a close look at the plants, and can’t find them on google, but yours is probably the best guess 🙂
      Thank you 🙂

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