Nikon-ography #6

Mr Spaghetti Legs 1

Mr Spaghetti Legs 1

Sweet Dreams

Mr Spaghetti Legs having a little snooze while waiting for his supper.

Taken on the Aperture-Priority Auto setting.

Mr Spaghetti Legs 2

Mr Spaghetti Legs 2

Why so many photos of old Mr Spaghetti Legs?

Unlike Little Monkey, he is easy to stalk and creep up close to . . .

And he lies still!



28 thoughts on “Nikon-ography #6

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    He’s so adorable with his bent ear!
    I look like Mr. SL at my desk at about 1:30pm… right after the ‘lunch-nap’ wants to set in. I’m a bit better about being snuck-up on tho…. as I’m sure my boss wouldn’t appreciate me sleeping on the job 😲

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