Frankly Unfortunate!



This day and age real mail, that gets stamped and posted, and carried via van, train and plane to its destination, is becoming an exceedingly rare phenomenon.

Then, even if someone has gone to the trouble of posting something, often a generic postal sticker is used, instead of an actual postage stamp.

How sad it would have been to have missed this happenstance: a misfrank that has produced a clown mouth and moustache on the poor lady;

– resulting in this hilarious picture!


post script: Josephine ButlerΒ campaigned for women’s rights and social reform in the Victorian era.



22 thoughts on “Frankly Unfortunate!

  1. Key Image Photographers

    I love sending my friends random postcards or cards in the post! My mum gets especially excited about the Australian stamps which arrive on her letters from me. Your right….it is something which is less seen now πŸ™‚

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  2. Garfield Hug

    This ought to worth a lot of money in the years to come! Snail mail is a dying fad but I still like getting cards…instead of E cards…old fashioned me but I like the feel of a card in my hand ha ha

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