Cosmos Forest 6

Cosmos Forest 6

You can’t see the forest for the trees.

You can’t see the cosmos for the weeds!

Cosmos Forest 1

Cosmos Forest 1

Not every forest is made up of Giant Sequoias. One definition of forest is: A large number or dense mass of vertical or tangled objects.

Cosmos Forest 2

Cosmos Forest 2 Aerial View

So here is my little forest of Cosmos.

It has been great lately, to have cooler autumn weather and some good showers. The only drawback then is that all the weeds grow like mad and far outstrip the flowers.

I was a little late in weeding my flower bed this year: see the Before and After photos below.

Cosmos Forest 4

Cosmos Forest 4 Before

Cosmos Forest 5

Cosmos Forest 5 After

As luck would have it, this saved all the little cosmos flowers from being weeded out, since I would not have recognised them as flowers when they were too tiny. I was very surprised to see them, actually, because they have magically re-seeded themselves from last year.

Cosmos Forest 3

Cosmos Forest 3 Aerial View

So here they are. Each and every tiny seed has had the opportunity to grow into a flower.


Last week, I showed you some of the plants that are blooming in my Western Cape garden in the middle of autumn, with winter rapidly approaching.

This week is more of a light-hearted ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at what goes on to maintain these plants. Enjoy!



45 thoughts on “Forest

  1. blosslyn

    Well that totally sums up my garden, weeds, weeds and more weeds and even more when we come back from holiday. Just love that thought ….can’t see the cosmos for the weeds, going to put that up on my polytunnel, to make me smile when it all gets too much ha ha 🙂 So your little flowers are freebees, the best kind 🙂

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  2. ladysighs

    One can’t care about large issues until one cares about the smaller ones. 🙂 Or something to that effect. Or is it affect.
    Everything and everyone has an opportunity to bloom and grow. 🙂 Or something etc etc.

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