Roses 1

Roses 1

I was given a bunch of red, red roses recently and couldn’t resist playing around with my camera and the natural sunlight.

Roses 2

Roses 2

Yes, it did involve grovelling around on the carpet, but hey, it’s all for the sake of art, you know!


And for some reason, these happy flowers made me think of the old Alan Price and Georgie Fame song, “Rosetta, are you Better, Are you Well, Well, Well!

I don’t know why! I long ago stopped worrying about my thought processes!



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  1. Bun Karyudo

    Those are very pretty roses. That’s a very beautiful red you have there. I don’t know the song, by the way, but I have at least seen the stone before! I was a couple of decades ago now, during a visit to the British Museum in London. πŸ™‚

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