Super Dog

Super Dog

Super Dog

Donning the Blue Cape of Justice, Super Dog is ready to do battle with Ne’er-do-wells the world over.

Any naughty squirrels out there better look sharp!


How did this pose come about?

Sometimes I have the curtain drawn over the open doorway to keep out the bright sunlight. (Yes, even in winter; in fact, mostly in winter, because the angle of the sun is lower.)

Little Monkey is often totally stumped by this curtain and will wait outside for ages. Eventually, she masters the art of simply walking through the curtain.

But here she dragged it with her and stopped, posing dramatically for her Super Hero Dog shot.

And Super Dog is ready for action!

Na nanana Naaaaaa – Super Dog!



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      1. ulli

        Least, we have something like summer: heat, mugginess, thunderstorm. Really strange summer this year. Hope the late Summer will be good.
        Have a nice weekend ahead, Scifi

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